joyful and strong

Hello! I'm glad you're reading my blog.

joyfulstrength is:

a child of God, saved by grace through faith in Christ Jesus, and daily strengthened with joy by the Holy Spirit.

a wife, mama-to-be, and "servant" to two adorable kitties, Oscar and Norah.

a cook, baker, cleaner, organizer, homemaker.

a musician (piano, voice, conducting), teacher, and type-A student (and therefore, also a researcher, writer, and practicer).

a painter, decorator, sew-er, crafter, knitter, crocheter (on occasion), and lover of all things creative.

a hunter of reasonably priced antiques, a thrifter, a couponer, and a do-it-yourself-"er"

I dream big dreams, I have high expectations, I'm passionate and hopeful, realistic and unreasonable. I love excellent writing, fine art, watching dance, going skiing, rock climbing, picnicking, and hiking, and listening to live music of many kinds.

I love to read your comments - it's encouraging to me! Thanks for stopping by!