Tuesday, October 7, 2008

here i am!

it's very lonely here, so i'm blogging. lately, the days have been melding together into one continuous wakefulness, and i'm not always sure what day it is. tonight was my husband's first band concert in grad school, which broke up the monotony nicely.
you know the crisp, clear smell of autumn air? i'm enjoying that right now! i love how as the seasons begin, they each have their own unique smell.
even though it's really and truly finally fall, i found some beautiful wildflowers on this morning's run - a summer daisy and a handful of purple clover. nature makes me feel closer to God - His fingerprints are everywhere.
i'm working on knitting a sweater right now, and it's nearing completion! i'm done making the body of the sweater, and i'm finishing my second sleeve. soon i'll add the hood, the edging, and then i'll sew it all together. it's my first really big project - i've made hats, mittens, socks, scarves, baby booties, and baby sweaters before, but this is the first adult-size sweater i've tried. i haven't had trouble yet! i'm also going to be using a circular needle for the first time, and i'm excited. it's nice to have something to try to complete.
i'm a musician, and i've been letting my skills rest for too long. i need to practice piano more often. i played a little bit tonight, but my wrists were so sore that i had to stop. it will take time to build up to where i was when i graduated with my degree. a year of teaching will do that to you, i guess.
i'm maybe almost adjusted now to being a new wife. it has been very hard for me to stay at home alone all day and to try to find little tasks to do, manage the money, pay the bills, and find insurance policies that work for us. i had no idea this would be so hard, and i feel really alone in it all. have you been there? i've been "on my own" for a few years, but this is just so very different.

that's all for now.

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