Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the grateful challenge

budgeting is so frustrating, but then i remember that the only reason i have to budget is because i have an income.

i am grateful.

there's a pile of receipts on the corner of the counter at home. i need to file them, and make sure that we haven't gone over our spending limits for the month. it's a lot of work.

but i need to be grateful.

i'm pretty sure i can't afford to buy my favorite cereal, that cute new dress, or the keyboard my husband wants. we can't afford repairs on my car, let alone repairs on our other car, or a new one to replace it. even just "new to us" and not really "new." but we are getting by.

i am grateful.

my job is really tedious. my brain is not engaged, and i am often bored. the environment is stressful. but i have a job. a full-time job that pays a little more than minimum wage. i have some savings.

i must be grateful.

i have a husband who loves me, a six-months-of-married-bliss anniversary to celebrate, a dozen roses on my desk, and a smile that just won't go away.

and i am effortlessly grateful.

why is it so easy to be thankful for the happy things, and so hard to be thankful for those that we should be happy for? i know that i should be rejoicing over this job, and that i should be doing my very best at it. the Lord establishes the work of our hands - i know that. it's just so hard to be thankful for the position when i feel so stale. but it's worse to remember where we could be without it.

and so I am grateful.

"All i have needed, thy hand has provided. Great is thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me."

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