Wednesday, April 29, 2009

surprised by joy

here's my little garden! i'm so happy to have a space to grow pretty flowers.
i made the stone garden myself - found the rocks, dug up the dirt, and put the bulbs in the dirt.
God makes it grow.

"Surprised by Joy" is the title of the book I'm reading by C.S. Lewis. Happily enough, the random "religious places" picture on my igoogle page yesterday was of his home and the schools where he taught. I love reading his work, and it's nice to have something to visualize as i read.

today has been full of little tasks - the kind that become annoying when there are so many of them. this kind of work frustrates me because it takes so little time to complete, it doesn't amount to much, and it eats up time that could be otherwise spent. not that i would like my work to cease, just that it would be nice to have bigger, longer tasks. still hoping for that music job. we'll see!

this is the prettiest yellow tulip in my tiny garden. random notes, i know.

mmm...the apple tarts i made in a cupcake tin. they turned out so tasty!

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