Monday, August 30, 2010

1st day of school: done.

my entrance exams are done, and I feel that I may have done alright. my graduate assistantship duties are many and diverse. I am no longer very sick. I love choir and feel privileged to be there. I look like a professional... a professional student.

my first day of class was a unique one, in that I was the only person in my first class. It could make for an interesting semester. Our first performance also went reasonably well, for only having one hour's rehearsal for both movement and music.

I've jumped in with both feet in starting my graduate assistant duties, which involve the minutiae of choir management. I'm beginning to think that I need an assistant, myself, once I get back to the teaching world. Students, prepare to accept responsibility.

Tonight presents the opportunity to attend a recital by a colleague and friend. I am hoping to have most things done so that I can be there. We'll see.

And then, there's this organizational issue of finding time to exercise often and well. I hope to fit in some Pilates this afternoon, but running in 90 degree heat is out of the question.

Here I go.

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Nicol said...

What an exciting time of life! Someday I would love to go back to school.