Wednesday, January 5, 2011

some ideas.

Today I went to visit the dean of the school to talk about our financial situation. He doesn't have any extra scholarship money to give me, but he did give some suggestions:

1. I can accompany to earn extra money. Not much, but something.
2. My husband could post signs around town to see if he can find someone to carpool with, thus saving gas money.
3. I could advertise everywhere for teaching piano lessons. I love teaching piano lessons.
4. Have my husband put in a resume at SUNY Geneseo. Who knows? Maybe they need a new saxophone teacher.

I feel a little better knowing that the dean understands my situation. I also called the financial services office to let them know that I have every intention of paying my bill, but can't right this second.

Breathing, and trying to focus on the glimmer of hope.

In other news, I took a couple neat photos the other day when it was so warm (40 degrees, wow!)

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