Sunday, February 13, 2011

deer dominos

It's a new game, evidently. It goes like this: one car has an issue, we call AAA, get it towed, and we send it to the shop. Day 3: get the second car stuck in our snowy driveway, and call AAA to get it out. Then we realize that this other car leaks excessive amounts of transmission fluid, and we just switch the two when the first is fixed. Two weeks later, when we finally get both cars back, I volunteer to drive students to and from our first choir concert of the semester in a city about an hour and a half from where we live.

Enter the deer. A whole herd, to be exact.

The trip to the concert was uneventful, with the exception of my day-long headache. The concert went well, and we departed for our campus. I had a full car-load with four passengers and myself in our nice Nissan, the newer of our two cars. We were about twenty minutes from campus when I noticed a group of deer running out in front of the car ahead of me. All of those deer and the vehicle ahead were unscathed. I assumed that was the entire herd...

...but it wasn't. What a startling awakening for my three sleeping backseat passengers - a sudden stop, crunched hood, car pieces splintered into the road, and not one, but two deer lying on the side of the road.

Being the driver, a leader in the ensemble and the oldest person in the car, there was absolutely no room for panic. I called my husband and asked him to come and meet us. I called AAA, and they managed to hang up on me before I got to the correct service area operators. I called our choir director to let him know what was going on, and had my passengers call someone on campus to pick them up. At this point, I didn't realize how badly the car had been damaged.

When my husband arrived, he took a look at the damage to the car. I had asked my passengers to stay in the car (safest and warmest option, anyway), and hadn't looked yet. I could see from the driver's seat that the hood was crumpled into an accordion shape, but didn't realize that the entire front end of the car was now concave.

My passengers' ride to campus arrived soon thereafter, as did the tow truck. It was the same truck driver that has answered our AAA call the past two times...looks like we're getting to be regulars. Since the accident was so severe, we also had to call the police to write up an accident report for our insurance agency. Nothing like an exciting evening, eh?

It's a wonderful thing that God gave my husband a new, better paying job with better hours in a place that's a little closer. He provided for our needs, and I know He will continue to do so. We are all safe, healthy, and we have each other. The rest will be taken care of.

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