Monday, March 28, 2011

(grad) student life

Graduate student life is such a paradox.

I am an adult, but I'm a student.

I'm a teacher, but a peer.

I have homework, but also housework.

I have school bills, but also energy, trash, and rent bills. And school loans.

I have a presentation to do, meetings to attend, rehearsals, and my own homework.

And I'm blogging to take a few minutes to breathe.

Things I'm enjoying right now:

1. the white fuzzy angora sweater I'm wearing
2. the sunshine outside, even though it's way below freezing
3. my pink planner that makes my life look more organized
4. being allowed to take scores out of the library
5. that my husband will be home when I get there tonight
6. nice-tasting water in my purple narrow-mouth Nalgene
7. my friend Nicki sitting across from me, commiserating
8. my mom, just a text message away
9. having a vehicle so I can drive myself to and from school and the grocery store and wherever-I-need-to-go-at-anytime-I-want
10. the nearness of God in my simple prayer.

Lord, please help me to focus and to do my very best at this work. Help me to accept what is truly my best, and to not push myself beyond what is healthy emotionally, physically, mentally, or spiritually. Thank you that you are near to me.

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