Tuesday, March 15, 2011

slow down, huh?

I guess God wants me to slow down.

I did everything I could yesterday to avoid being sick - took Airborne, got extra sleep, ate healthy, went to bed on time, stayed warm and dry.

The following might be considered TMI, and you can stop reading now if you want. I'm in pain and I'm bleeding. Here's the rest of the story:

But I woke up often during the night to use the bathroom, which is weird for me. In the morning, I realized something was wrong, but didn't think it could be too bad. I got up about 40 minutes before my first class, showered, dressed, and drove the ten minutes to school. I was dizzy and nauseated in choir, which, in addition to my sore throat, made me feel really bad. And I had this pain in my lower abdomen that felt crippling. And then I almost wet my pants...

So I ran to the bathroom, and realized I was bleeding. I thought little of it, since this happens monthly. I took care of things, but then a half hour later, I had to go again. More blood, and not where it should have been.

I visited the health center on campus, and they determined that I have an infection, but that the doctor wouldn't be in until 2:30. It was noon, I was in so much pain I could've cried, and they can't do anything for me? I took Tylenol, told my teachers I was leaving, and went home.

So far, I've had about 42 oz of liquid to try to get myself re-hydrated. I've slept for an hour so far, and I'm going back to sleep after this. I did get my prescription and I'm hoping to be better within the week. Hoping and praying.

I've slowed down, now, Lord. I'm listening.

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