Friday, April 22, 2011


It sure seems like the beginning of break was yesterday...

But here we are, at Good Friday, with only three more days left of sleeping in, playing, visiting friends, impromptu trips to see family, and late night movies. Three more days to paint the painting I've been planning, to clean my little house that seems so big, to spend lazy mornings with my husband.

Where did it all go?

I enjoyed a Friday evening off - we celebrated my husband's birthday with friends, pizza, cake, and ice cream. This was an amazing start to the break! The following Saturday, I slept in and wore jeans and a thermal shirt (amazing), went thrifting, and watched a movie with my hubby over a "birthday" dinner of ham and potatoes. Sunday was church, with pancakes and eggs for lunch. Monday, I did a little bit of homework (a very little bit), three big loads of laundry, and made plans for a visit to my parents' home. I also made sugar cookie cutouts for Easter - two different bunny shapes in vanilla and chocolate icing, with pink sugar ears and heart candy noses. Tuesday morning, I really did some of my Theory homework, but didn't get very far. I made lunch, cleaned the counter, filed papers, redecorated for Easter (putting the birthday decorations away), and had tea with a friend. We left that afternoon to go to my parents' house, where we celebrated my grandfather's birthday and played Dominion (my hubby's new card game) with my parents. All day Wednesday was spent working on my parents' apartment, getting it ready for new tenants - my brother and his wife to be. I did go out to get groceries with my mom, and found a great deal on sea bands, Cookie Crisp, and Kashi cereal. Thursday, I spent the morning working on homework and the program for an upcoming concert. The afternoon was filled by a visit to my in-laws, dinner at Cheesecake Factory, walking around the mall, and an evening rehearsal at church. I also got my dyed-to-match shoes for my brother's wedding. Some of you know about that story. Today is Friday...I've done more work on the program, a little homework, some office work, and more decorating for Easter. I'm hoping to dye eggs tomorrow, pick up our order of Angel Food, and some cleaning and baking before my in-laws come for Easter dinner.

That's how it got so full. I think I'll go give myself a pedicure now. :o)

Thankful for a break!

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