Monday, April 25, 2011


1. today is the last day of break
2. my presentation was scheduled during break (?) so I need to be sure I'm prepared for Wednesday, instead of Friday as I had planned
3. I'm conducting in two concerts on Wednesday, and I'm not as ready as I wish I could be
4. the Haydn Creation concert is Friday
5. I missed a coffee conversation with a professional in my field because I was so busy the week before break - totally forgot.
6. my Theory homework still is not complete, but I have until Thursday. No, it was due Tuesday, and I was both confused and late.
7. I'm almost out of Twinings black tea. If you see some, I would like the variety pack, please
8. I painted last night for the first time since we lived in Ithaca - that's at least 8 months ago, and likely more than that
9. I am passionately loved by my husband, who sees my failures and loves me anyway
10. I am loved by a compassionate and gracious God, who sent Jesus to save us from sin, and the Holy Spirit to be our comforter, counselor, and friend.

Here is my painting:

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