Saturday, May 28, 2011

1 out of 4 stars...

Not related, but wanted to share - my lilac bushes are in bloom!

This morning, hubby and I planned to go out and do a few errands, forgetting that it was Saturday. He found a state park for us to visit, and I packed a picnic for us. We headed off, and realized that today was the local fire department's community yard sale - woo hoo!

We stopped by and found a bunch of great things. He picked up a string trimmer, an old 1930's market scale, and a pair of cleats. There was a seller who had a wire milk-bottle holder that would've held six glass bottles, but he wanted $65 for it. Can you believe it? They were like this one on etsy (except with six sections), which sells for $10. He wanted $35 for a single glass milk bottle... crazy! We found a board game for a dollar and a pretty turquoise and white glass bud vase. We did pretty well overall! Here's the bud vase, already holding one of the first blooms from my irises:

We hit the road, passing other yard sales and heading to our first errand, which was about a 30 mins drive away. Not open?? Oh, man! It's Saturday - we didn't even think to check their hours.

Then we headed to the nearby state park, which was supposed to have a picnic area and some hiking trails. We arrived, turning onto a seasonal use highway that quickly turned into a one-lane road. There was the park sign... but it appeared to be little more than a utility road in the middle of a very thick forest. We got a bit nervous, and turned around. Sad!

We then put in the address for our third destination, and realized that it would be a 30 mile drive further south. We decided to skip it, and just went home. We were both pretty frustrated, but still enjoyed the scenery and nice drive back. We stopped at a second garage sale, where they had some large bear skins hanging up, and a couple of guitars for sale. No purchase there, but fun to look around.

Glad to be back home...

I took some pictures around our yard, and found a robin's nest! I scared her away, and I hope she'll come back for her five beautiful blue eggs.

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