Monday, June 13, 2011

refresher course

whoa. day one of teaching summer music school was today, and it was full! I was up the earliest I have been since choir tour.

One thing (kinda icky) that happens when I'm slightly nervous, but mostly when I'm teaching, is that I sweat. I actually purchased clinical strength Secret for my first year of teaching, and I needed it for the first few months. I eased up psychologically after that, and didn't really have as much need for it. The stick has been in my gym bag for a long time now... but it needs to come with me to school tomorrow. I feel more stressed with 20 middle schoolers in my classroom than I do with eighty senior high students.

I think one of the hardest things for me is the unexpected. I have trouble letting go of what I've planned or expected. Today was no different! I had been assigned four periods of classes - two sections of show choir, one of beginning voice, and one of musical theater vocal coaching. All of the classes were supposed to be small, with no more than 14 students per class. So why do I have 20 kids in my first class??? This does not work for my plan. I have to re-think and try again tomorrow with a new approach. Another surprise is that I have my show choir for two periods straight - same kids - for eighty minutes. I haven't ever seen a class that long outside of college... hoping I can manage it well enough so that they won't get bored and tired.

On to planning...

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