Tuesday, July 26, 2011

pieced pillow, v. 2

As I was thrift shopping last week, I purchased a couple of vintage pillowcases (50 cents each), both with rose prints. I love them. I walked around the store for a while longer and spotted an Ann Taylor loft tank that had to be mine ($3.50, my friends), and glanced through the baby clothes just in case there was something particularly cute. I ended up picking up a sun hat ($1) with floral embroidery and pink ribbon, as well as a sundress ($1) that had seen better days but had an adorable birdie button on it.

I washed the pillow cases and they're awaiting use. I'm debating using one of them for fabric to make a tote bag or a purse or a shirt or a nightie or... I can't decide, and so it's still folded.

The baby hat was washed and put away for the baby girl we'll have someday (I hope). The dress, however, I immediately picked apart with my stitch ripper. It had an embroidered collar, cute puffy sleeves, a ruffled skirt with pockets, and a sewn-in onesie that had a couple of stains. The best part was the birdie button in the middle of the bodice, so I was careful to keep that intact. I ironed and folded the pieces and put them away.

Yesterday, I decided that my eyelet skirt was about four inches too long, so I hemmed it and ironed the extra material. Today, inspiration struck, and this is what came of it:

A little pillow case! The fabric that looks like a solid is actually white with light pink stripes.
I stuffed it with some fiberfill for now, but I do hope to find a real pillow form.

Here's a closeup of the bird button that made me purchase the dress in the first place:

So cute! I love the branch and leaves embroidery under it.

I kept the ruffled edge of the skirt to use on the back of the pillow case. What do you think?

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Andy and Kristen said...

girl - you are on a roll!!! keep up the amazing work! i just absolutely LOVED your Vera creations, too! I think those are my top pick for my future sewing tutorial! :)