Saturday, August 13, 2011

prototype: stand mixer cover version 1.0

I really would like a fancy-pants mixer, like the KitchenAid Artisan. That's not in the budget. If I had one, I would buy a pretty quilted cover for it, like this one. I have, in fact, created a wish list at Bed Bath & Beyond for that very item. And more. Someday.

However, I do like my vintage Sunbeam stand mixer. And if I cover it, maybe people will think I have a super-nice mixer. I know it doesn't matter. I just care anyway.

Here's version 1.0, made of a vintage sheet that also lives in my house as a bag and an apron.
First, I measured the length of my machine - about 14". It's 4" wide at the top, and 10" wide at the bowl. Side pieces ended up being about 13" tall by about 12" long. I need to add a little more ease for my final cover - probably an extra inch added to every measurement. I used 1/4" seams, and I think I'll stick with that.
I think I'll also add a second layer of fabric and some batting, and do some practice quilting before I put the pieces together. Just vertical lines. Nothing fancy.
For the top, I tapered the piece from 4" wide at the front to a point at the back. It seems to work well, but again, I need slightly more width. Will do that next time. And maybe I'll add some pretty piping.

But for now? My mixer is cute and covered. Win.

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