Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Most teachers will tell you that one of the marks of real learning is that the learner is able to integrate information gained in one context in another context: this is synthesis. Drawing connections between concepts is an important developmental step. Without it, we wouldn't tell stories, write convincing speeches, or be able to do all the steps necessary to drive a car. Some connections are easier to make than others, and some take a significant amount of time to discover, and then to motivate to implementation. We can relate these connections to the actual synapses, or pathways, formed between neurons the brain when new concepts are learned. Cool!

All this to say: I am so thankful for the coursework here at the grad school I'm attending. I've had the opportunity to study music from a Christian perspective over the course of two semesters, and now I'm studying the history of church music. I am having the greatest time! In my Choral Literature Seminar, we're studying Mass from its beginnings to present day use, and I've been researching Josquin des Prez, a 15th c. composer. I am finding so many connections between my church music history class and this one, and it's delightful.

Back to my studies. Presentation on Friday morning!

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