Wednesday, December 21, 2011

oh, the wish list!

I am a shop-ahead Christmas gift shopper... most of the time, I have all of the gifts by Thanksgiving, or at least have planned to make them! I'm always slightly disappointed when I find out that something is on super-sale and I'm missing it.

And then there's the yearly wish-list compilation. In an effort to help my family know what we're hoping for, hubby and I put together a list with presents from the $10 and below range to the we're-sure-you-won't-buy-it range: true "wish" items. Sigh. It makes me feel like a kid.

Then, I remember that Christmas isn't really about the gifts at all, but about the Gift of God-in-flesh, the gift of relationship with God himself, the gifts of peace and hope for the future complete restoration of the world.

And I feel slightly guilty for making a wish list. But, anyway. There's always something I come across after I've already sent the list, and I realize that I simply Must. have. this. please? (probably a result of too many cookies and too much Pinterest)

So, with no further ado, the additions to the wish list. Thanks to Minnesota Public Radio's advertisement on their Christmas stream, I've come across Fjorn Scandinavian. Heritage and beauty all in one.

Topping my list is this advent "wreath", a simply beautiful candleholder made of brushed metal - it's an art piece, certainly. Sigh.

I've thought for a long time about how I might incorporate mistletoe into the Christmas decorating scheme. I don't have access to the real thing, and silk flowers aren't my thing, but this ornament is just perfect!

Because my name is hard to find in English-speaking countries, I've enjoyed the prominence of "Linnea" in Sweden. My grandma gave me the matching table runner to these placemats. Wouldn't that be a lovely spring or Easter or summer table?

Finally (for now!), a throw that also bears my name.

Not that I actually need any of these things, but, hey! Now you know what I'm wishing for, right?

To balance out all these admittedly expensive wishes, here is a link I found to some beautiful free printables at Dear Lillie. She has so many lovely things besides those, too. I love the idea of spreading poetry all throughout my house and introducing high quality literature to my (someday) children from an early age.

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