Sunday, January 15, 2012

Amazed and grateful...

...for the romantic weekend I had with my husband!

Since he works in a different city during the week, we only get to be together on weekends. This is really difficult, of course, but certainly not as bad as it could be (say, if he was in the military and deployed for long periods of time). I miss him so much! I miss him being a part of normal daily life, sharing all the little things that make up our days. I miss cooking for someone other than myself. I miss the way he makes me laugh and the positive perspective he has on life. I miss spending evenings curled up on the couch with him, and the feeling of security I have when he's home at night. I also miss the friendship and company and closeness of having him here with me! Sigh.

When he came home this Friday, I had to be at a rehearsal for choir. We always start the semester off with a weekend retreat for some added rehearsals to get things off to a good start, and this happened to be that weekend. Don't get me wrong; I love choir and don't mind rehearsal, also happened to be the first day I would get to see my husband since January 1st! He was at a conference last weekend.

Friday morning, I had an unexpected snow day, and was able to do some schoolwork from home. Hubby and I texted all day (unusual, since his job is rather busy), so excited that we would finally be together that evening. I curled my hair, wore a pretty dress, and went to rehearsal.

When he picked me up from rehearsal on Friday night, he had gotten dressed up for me, too! We drove home, unloaded his Jeep, and then he asked me to wait as he got one last load of things out of the car...

...and in he came with an armful of red roses! So sweet! As I opened the bouquet, he explained that there were only 11 roses, because he wanted to scatter the petals of the 12th rose all over our bedroom - his own idea. Emotional me was about to burst into overjoyed giggles or tears by this point. He set up the computer to stream some romantic instrumental music, while I set a candlelit dinner, using some special vintage linens, the gorgeous roses, my two Orrefors raspberry votives, my silver-colored candlesticks, and my small Basilica pillar candle on a matching pedestal. Hubby insisted that we sit at opposite ends of the table so we could see each other and enhance the romance of the moment. Okay by me!

I am amazed that God gave me such a wonderful, loving husband, and I am so grateful to belong to him!

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