Sunday, March 25, 2012

hunting and thrifting

 Many of the things I enjoy involve looking for quality, beauty, and loveliness in places that may be surprising. This is one reason that shopping, thrifting (form of shopping), hiking, gardening, puzzles, and crafting of all kinds are so fun for me!

On that note, Hubby and I went apartment hunting this weekend. We saw four that had topped our list, and quickly crossed off the first one. The pictures completely hid the fact that it had been inhabited for nine years by heavy smokers, and did little to show that it was so tiny. No, and no. Scratched from our list.

The second place was a little bit too far into the city for me - it's across from a medical building and some little shops, on a busy street - but it was absolutely gorgeously remodeled. Hardwood floors, soft, sea glass colors on the walls, stainless appliances and glass tile in the kitchen, beautiful light fixtures, new double shower in the bathroom... it was a little small, and the price is a bit high for the amount of space, but that place is sittin' pretty at #2 on our list.

The third place we saw is a three-bedroom half-house in a nice residential area. There's sunlight coming in every window, hardwood floors in the first level, three carpeted bedrooms, a claw-foot tub in the bathroom, and a great attic and basement space. It's wonderful - #1 on our list, for sure! We're hoping and praying that our application shines in the sea of applications the leasing company will view.

The fourth place we visited is a second floor one-bedroom apartment with original hardwood floors and neat details. However, the kitchen and hallway are extremely tiny! I don't know how we'll get furniture in that space. Also, there's no dishwasher. Possible deal-breaker. It's a good deal, so that's at #3 on our list.

Tomorrow, Hubby will visit a fifth place: another two-bedroom apartment in an 1880's (restored) mansion. Lovely paint and updates, from what I've seen! And the landlord seemed really friendly on the phone. And the laundry is free.

Today, we went to church as usual, and did our regular grocery run. Little blessings included the surprise of ham being on sale - yay! Post-grocery trip, we went to the local thrift store for some dress pants for Hubby. He scored a pair of almost new, olive-green Dockers for $7, and a pair of Banana Republic khakis for $11. Sweet!
I, of course, couldn't resist these lovely vintage sheets. You know me. I love the soft coral, deep coral, and white watercolor-ish flowers! And, at just $3 for the sheet and $1 for the pillowcase, why not? I foresee some sewing in my future...

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