Tuesday, March 13, 2012

little things

It's here!!

Spring, that is. Or, at least, here are the beginnings of many beautiful little things. Thankful for:

1. Brilliant purple crocuses with tiny white stripes and orange pistils and stamens!
2. Tulip leaves pushing through the crinkly leaves of last fall. Look at the red tips!
3. Daffodil yellow beginning to show - soon, soon, soon!
4. Tiny violas. Or are they pansies? I don't know. I do like their little faces.
5. Bright green moss, with a broken branch... see the leaf buds?
6. Long, sunny afternoons, simply made for naps. Oscar approves.
7. Warmer days! Skirt-wearing weather! Picnic weather! Long walks outside weather!
8. Starry nights - the stars are so beautiful tonight! Some lovely red ones, such bright white ones nearer the horizon. I wonder if those are planets?
9. Content furry snugglers. So glad my furbabies are friends.
10. A few moments for card making - for my in-laws and for my brother. Many birthdays this month!

Those, my friends, are the little things. So much to be thankful for!

1 comment:

Karen said...

I'm happy to have visited and been a part of your Spring in person. It was wonderful to sit on the picnic blanket and paint our toe nails, to take in laundry off the line, to stroll around campus in the sunshine, to picnic on a bench by the dorm. I love you, precious daughter.