Tuesday, April 3, 2012

little things

Today is another beautiful spring day! Counting my blessings, and enjoying the little things:
1. There are little tiny leaves on the lilac bushes and red buds on some of the trees! Here's hoping they don't freeze.
2. We live on a road where there are mostly fields and cows. The rolling hills out my dining room windows are bright spring green, with last fall's golden hay standing stiffly next to the new blades of grass. The hills are edged with evergreen trees, red-branched bushes, and the subtle tones of leaf-less trees.
3. The sky is a brilliant, crisp blue, framed by purple hills in the distance. There aren't any clouds to be seen!
4. My daffodils, hyacinths, narcissus, and grape hyacinths are in full bloom. So pretty!
5. Oscar-cat requires continuous snuggling today.
6. I got to come home from school early, and could actually sit down for dinner with a cup of tea.
7. Hooray for tea!
8. I am cozy, wrapped up in a wooly scarf and in my brown corduroy pants.
9. I get to sing with an excellent choir on a daily basis.
10. I am loved. First, by my heavenly Father, second, by my husband, and third, by dear family and friends.

There. Ten little things.

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