Tuesday, May 22, 2012

celebrating beauty

As we were on our way to church on this beauteous Sunday morning, my husband noticed a bright flower on the side of the road and tried to point it out to me as we drove by. Unfortunately, I missed it in my headache-induced mental fog and worries about being on time. He described it as a coral-colored flower, and I couldn't think of what it might be. Coral flowers? Nope, couldn't think of one.

On the way home, though, he spotted it again! This time, we pulled over, and he told me to hop out and pick a few! Oh, yes! Poppies. So sweet. I love the way he knows what I like - the little things that delight me. Back when we were dating, it would be rare if he would even notice a flower, let alone point it out to me. I'm so grateful for the husband God gave me! He's pretty great.

Here are the glorious poppies he found for me! Look at the neat shadows they make.
I love the way their "furry" stems droop under the weight of their tissue-paper thin petals.
Doesn't it look like it should be a day at the beach? Something about those colors....
I love the way their seeds aren't really black, but a deep gray-purple. And so soft!
And this picture makes me almost like the white painted plywood replacement top for the white metal patio table that our apartment was "furnished" with. It's kinda shabby-chic with flowers on top.

The petals feel like a really rich silk. 
Can you imagine a swirly summer skirt made of perfectly wrinkled coral silk?
These photos are just begging me to pull out my watercolors and try to capture the beauty... I'll have to plan to paint soon after our move.

Isn't God's creation amazing?

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-stephanie- said...

The color of the blue Mason goes perfectly!!! I smell a painting! (o: You can do one for me if you'd like! hehe!