Friday, May 4, 2012

little things

Well, friends, the lawn mower is out of commission. It appears that the squirrels found it to be an excellent storage space for walnuts and made a rather cozy nest with grass and twigs inside our green machine. After cleaning out all of the...provisions... Hubby found out that the battery is dead.

So, our lawn languishes and lives ever on, growing daily in length. By this I mean that the lawn is now between 6" and 8" long in most spots, with various prolific weeds towering to 12" or more. It looks like a mini hayfield. Or a jungle, depending on rabbit or human perspective.

This does present a positive, though. It means that there are wildflowers all over! The forget-me-nots have been particularly widespread, as have the violas. I've even found purple pansies in the yard! So, now. Counting the little things:
1. Lots of flowers in my yard. Pretty! Presents photo opportunities.
2. It's warm enough to wear flip flops and billowy skirts. Hooray!
3. Our baby is about the size of a raspberry. Isn't that cute? And amazing?
4. I only have one exam and one paper left to finish before graduation.
5. Hubby and I will get to spend the whole weekend together.
6. We've found a new apartment!
7. Someone decided to give us their barely-used crib. Score.
8. I'm not feeling very sick at all, and my sweet tooth has returned. This is a potential problem, but for now, I'm thankful that the idea of chocolate doesn't make my stomach turn.
9. My recital is over and it went well! Now I have time to hit the gym again. Looking forward to a run.
10. Graduation is coming. Baby is coming. Life together with my husband every day is coming. God is good.

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