Friday, May 18, 2012

little things

Remembering to be grateful, and taking note of the little things:

1. Hearing Baby's heartbeat for the first time!
2. Safe travel for Hubby and me (and baby). And Hubby is coming home tonight!
3. Time with my brother and his wife to just relax and be goofy
4. Robins "bathing" in the huge mud puddle next to our new apartment's driveway and little goldfinches landing on the tall grasses
5. Freshly sparkling clean windows - Windex never smelled so good
6. My Oscar-cat knows his name and will look - even come to you - when you call. Special kitty.
7. It's a gorgeous, sunny, warm, summery day!
8. The grass is still long, so there are wildflowers everywhere. I plan to pick some before the in-laws arrive with their mower and string trimmer in tow. Nothing like a vase of flowers by the bed!
9. There's jello in the fridge! Yay!
10. I made a quiche tonight - should be yummy. Love using leftovers.

Many many blessings! Thankful.

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