Tuesday, July 10, 2012

thrifting in a new place

Hello, blogworld! It has been entirely too long. Let's get to the thrifting though, okay?

Hubby and I have been living here in the city for a little over a month, now, and I've Found Some Thrift Stores. This is capital. It's especially lovely, because a whole bunch of these thrift stores are all in a row and across the street from each other! This means I can have an entire afternoon of thrifting if I want it...and if the wallet allows.

Anyway, I wanted to share some of my findings! 

 Here is a little Linnea made of clothes! I got the swingy, super-soft white top (MODA) and maternity shorts (Ann Taylor LOFT) for $7. It was half-off-everything day!
 This cute navy skirt by J. Crew is made of a rugged cotton, and only cost $5! Love.
This black button-down shirt is from Gap, and was only $5. Hooray for half-off day!

I've also recently acquired a pair of swim trunks for the hubby that look almost brand new ($5), and yellow empire waist top for me ($5) that I'm currently wearing.

Do you know how hard it is to resist buying baby clothes? I want to wait until we know Baby's gender, and even then, I think I'll wait to really go all-out until after Baby is born! Hooray for thrifting.

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