Saturday, August 25, 2012

little things

Sometimes, it's the little things that mean the most.

1. My husband, Brad, telling me that, no matter how poor we are, it makes him feel like a rich man to have homemade pizza on Sunday.
2. Our baby boy kicking me most of the day and part of the night. It's a blessing to know he's active and healthy, even if the movement startles me or sometimes feels irritating. It's a precious treasure.
3. Having a variety of food to eat, and enough.
4. Bright pink nail polish on my toenails.
5. The sun shining through the trees. Tonight, the maple seed pods twinkled auburn, red, and gold: a hint of autumn.
6. My yarn stash, which has all the right colors for a number of adorable baby boy things. This is necessary, since two of my sisters-in-law are having baby boys this December, too!
7. Safety in the car, at Brad's flag football game, and at home.
8. A nice camera that captures memories.
9. Comfortable, stretchy, soft clothes to cover my growing belly - not new clothes, but good clothes.
10. Not being able to see the busy city street from any of my apartment's windows; instead, we see the leaves of trees, and only hear the traffic.

Dwelling on the blessings, which are many, and trying not to be sad for the things that are not as I wish they were. You, too?

All of my needs are met. Working on helping my heart to desire the things that are best.

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