Thursday, June 6, 2013

Six months.

Unbelievably, it has been six months. Six whole months that we've had this beautiful baby boy outside my belly, six months of sleepless nights, six months of parenthood filled with spitup, smiles, soiled clothes, and surprises - so much more than we could have imagined.

And our hearts are full.

Here are some pictures of the sweetness, himself:

 Trying the pool for the first time
 Enjoying the sand and sun at the ocean
 And wading in the tiniest waves with Daddy
 Reaching for toys, and anything within sight
 Grabbing his toes

 He has been sitting up a little better on his own
 Smiling at everyone
 Teething like crazy!

And more:

Standing with help

Jumping whenever the opportunity presents itself

Beginning to prefer Mommy and Daddy

Sleeping 3-4 hour stretches at night, but usually 3

Tried cereal for the first time - not a fan

Cooing and "singing"

Jumping/stomping/tapping in rhythm to music (Yes, really. He is the son of musicians!)

And we love him more each day. Our precious baby Joshua.

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Andy and Kristen said...

He has one of the best smiles! Love it! Where on earth did that 6 months go? So glad we got to see you guys last week :)