Tuesday, August 6, 2013

slow cooking without the cooker

My Nanny (my mom's mother) used to call hot summer days "a cooker." I can still hear her Long Island accent saying, "it's a cook-uh." It reminds me of days taking the ten minute drive from her brown-shingled house on Wildflower Lane to Jones Beach, where we would toss old bread to the sea gulls, hurry over the hot sand, and play in the surf.

Anyway, it's the sort of day in which one does NOT want to use the oven, even with the luxury of central air. I'm also having a sort of "day off" from housework, as I'm dealing with mastitis, yet again. It seems I'm more prone to that when I'm stressed and busy, which I was this weekend.

All that to say, I'm officially Not Allowed to do housework and I simply must rest every time the baby does. I think blogging probably falls under the resting category, yes?

Tonight's menu is slow-cooked, pulled BBQ chicken...without getting the whole big slow cooker dirty. (Besides, it's in the attic, and I'm not going up there. Not in the heat.)

Be amazed.

I took out one chicken breast for the hubby and myself, and I sliced it into rounds about a half inch thick. I then heated about 2T canola oil in a skillet, and added the chicken. I cooked it until it was no longer pink, and then squirted my favorite barbecue sauce on top of each round. I added a bit of water, turned the heat to low, covered the skillet, and left it.

Three hours later, the chicken is sooo tender, deliciously seasoned, and ready for dinner! Hooray!

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