Monday, March 3, 2014

little things

Little, tiny fingers, curling up and reaching toward me, just begging for tickles - love this.
The sweet birdie foot prints in the freshly fallen snow around the porch
A kiss from my sweet little boy
A warm house where we make our home
Cookies from my mom
Internet radio on my phone
Giggles from that ticklish toddler boy
Pretty love-themed decorations packed away for next February
March/Easter - themed decorations ready to be lovingly placed
Reminders of how much I am loved - handwritten notes, calls, thoughtful gestures

There is so much to be thankful for! Why is it so easy to miss this in the long, long days, while we count down the hours to bedtime and wonder what we might try to accomplish while the little one plays?

Trying to be conscious of the many blessings, and to be thankful. And to teach my son to do the same.

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Teamfuest said...

love this :) i have to remind myself to do the same so often, but i always feel so much better when i take the time to remember the little things.