Saturday, October 25, 2008

happy saturday

mmmm. i had forgotten how nice it is to sleep until the moment i feel like waking up. the only sad thing about waking up was the headache i had and the absence of my husband snoring next to me. he had to leave early this morning for a tournament a few hours away. i was looking forward to a lazy saturday morning with my dear husband. well, anyway, i'll have time to do some knitting, get a little laundry in, and maybe even decorate some cookies. i'll call my friend Edna and see if she'd like to meet me at the shopping mall. i need some new shoes, since mine broke on the job thursday.

my cute little brown clogs, with comfortable heels and a little strap with a buckle, have been with me for a little more than six years. i bought them just before college, wore them everywhere, and they have survived a lot of scuffing, pounding, and teaching. thursday, as i was wearing them on the job, i managed to catch the buckle on a cabinet edge as i went by. the little elastic that holds the buckle on, and the leather itself, actually ripped so badly that it's beyond repair. i felt embarrassed, which is probably irrational, but i did. i wonder if i should buy the cheap new ones i saw at target, or if i should wait and try to find better ones at a department store somewhere. i wear a small size, and it's hard to find. most department stores don't actually carry the size, unless i try a children's size shoe. it's frustrating, but i like my little feet.

today's blessings: hot tea, cuddly soft sweatshirts, and flowers.

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