Tuesday, October 28, 2008

have i mentioned that i love chocolate? I'm actually slightly allergic to it - it makes me sneeze - but i loooove it. i'm enjoying brownies right now - that's one of today's blessings. i'm really glad for those little extras. it makes the coming home from work routine so much more relaxing!

work today was relatively busy, which was actually nice. i enjoyed having things to do. i'm so exhausted when i come home, though. i don't know how working moms do this! i really hope i can stay home with my children when they come along. i also didn't know how exhausting an 8 hour work day is, even with an hour lunch. my lunch today was eaten up by trying to survive the freezing wind and rain as i mailed a package at the post office and got lost on my way back to the office. my intuitive directional skills came in handy, though, and i actually arrived back within 10 minutes of the end of my lunch. whew. embarassment avoided this time - i'll have to get directions next time. the one way streets here really throw me off sometimes!
there's this one street that's actually split - it runs on either side of a creek, and the lanes are tiny and poorly paved. and wouldn't you know - i ended up on that road. in the rain. yuck!

i'm extra thankful for my new parka on a day like today. it was a great deal, and i'm really happy with it. it's not my favorite colors, but it looks cute with my pink scarf, so i guess it's okay. the coat is a dusty olive color, with minty accent panels and a feminine shape...and it repels water really well, and is lined with super soft fleece. i felt blessed.

my dear husband is gone again tonight - he decided to be in the pit band for a musical, and tonight is the night they go through the entire production with the cast for the first time. i won't even see him... :o( he slept in today, so i just kissed him goodbye as i was leaving for work. i miss him. it's lonely in our little apartment without anyone else here!

i've been thankful for the extra time i have in the mornings. i can fit in relaxed devotions, a cup of tea, and still do my hair, and even makeup, if i wanted to. i would really like to be going for a run in the mornings, but it has been too dark to be safe. we live in an area that has relatively low visibility on the roads, and i just wouldn't be comfortable with running in the early light or the twilight. i've been going for brisk walks on my breaks at work, but i'm not sure how i'm going to keep it up when the weather gets as bad as it was today. i'm hoping to find a way to exercise inside (without paying for a gym membership). ah, the dilemmas of a desk job.

on a pleasant note, i'm almost finished with a baby blanket i'm knitting for a friend of mine - her baby boy is due in january. the blanket is light blue and white striped, knit in a chunky homespun style yarn. it's coming together quickly! i love to see progress.

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