Monday, January 19, 2009

girls' night

last night was really nice - a bunch of the girls and i all got together and had a girls' night in. it involved making really tasty salads, enjoying nutella and truffles, and just being girly together. i haven't had fun like this since college, and it was great to enjoy their company!

coming home, though, made me even more thankful for my husband. he is everything i could have asked for, and so much more than i deserve. so in love.

today i'm thankful for the beauty of the blue sky and sun - so lovely.

my husband's car broke down and is irreparable. today we just bought a new-to-us used car from a man at church who fixes up old cars and resells them at a crazy-low price. we're so blessed to be able to even get another car - and we're thankful. even though it means half our savings are gone.

we'll make it through - God takes care of us, and provides for all our needs.

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