Tuesday, January 20, 2009


it has been snowing all day so far - i woke up to big fluffy fake-looking flakes that looked like they belonged on a movie set in the middle of the summer. it's really pretty snow, and i'm enjoying watching it fall as i sit here at my desk. the only downside to snow is the driving in it. well, and the cold. but only one of those is preventable, so i'll just try to be happy anyway.

so we bought a new car... and we're picking it up tomorrow. it'll be so much easier for us to be able to fulfill our scheduled commitments. i really hope it turns out to be great! my husband is excited about having a car at all, and the fact that it's a bit sporty makes him happy. (ps - it's fire engine red! whoa!)

before things really got going this morning at work, i was able to take a few minutes to sketch a picture of a red-breasted nuthatch on a piece of scrap paper. i used a photo that one of my flickr friends took as a reference point. it turned out alright - i haven't sketched much lately. i should get back into that.

speaking of which - i should be getting back to practicing piano and voice. and doing art more often than once in a blue moon.

and i should get back to work.

i am thankful that God provides the work of our hands.

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