Saturday, February 28, 2009


this morning, i was that. i had breakfast, started the dishwasher, made muffins, washed dishes, swept and cleaned the hall and kitchen floors, cleaned the bathroom, deep cleaned the kitchen counters, put away the now-clean dishes, straightened the bedroom, tidied the living room, and vacuumed every carpeted thing. all of this by 11am.

we had a worship music rehearsal at our house at 11:30 - just my husband on guitar, another friend on guitar and vocals, and me on the piano and some high vocals. it was a great time to play together. we all have a degree in music, so it makes it easier to communicate with each other. besides that, it's fun. did i say that? :o)
it's a lovely sunny day, too - not even snowing.

this afternoon shall involve shopping with a friend (yay!), and hopefully i won't have to make dinner.

last night's entertainment was being at a friend's house - chris and jacqueline, and their almost-two-year-old daughter. it was good to just relax together and play a couple games.

signing off for now.

"look to the Lord and his strength. seek his face always." -ps 105:4

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