Tuesday, February 17, 2009

my entertaining valentine

(another until-now-unpublished post. more happy reading to you!)


my husband and i celebrated Valentine's Day last weekend...meaning, a week early, by going out to a fabulous Italian restaurant. very yummy. and so this past weekend, we weren't going to go out. (and we didn't.) that saturday morning, the girls and i made valentine's day cards for each other and for our significant others... my husband's card is very sweet, if i do say so myself.

wednesday, i bought myself raspberries, because we agreed that we wouldn't do big presents...and raspberries are comparatively little. and so good.

on friday, my dear husband stopped by at my office with a hershey's chocolate bar, tied with ribbon and the note "to: wife. from: husband." so very sweet! and more than i expected.

then when he picked me up he gave me a container of feta cheese. it was supposed to be a joke, but i fell for it hook, line, and sinker. i thought it was another v-day gift. i had a headache, so i wasn't thinking straight. and there was no way i was going to offend him, especially not now! so i said "thanks! this is so thoughtful - you know i would never buy this for myself and how much i like it." lol. go figure, right?

when we arrived home, he went out to get the mail and came back with white tulips for me! whoa!

on the actual big day, my friends and i had a "single" girls' party...we made pizza, and then they all went out to a couple of chick flicks. my hubby said i could go if i wanted, but the movies weren't really my thing. so i came home...

and we watched a really hilarious movie together, enjoyed some sweets, and had a lovely evening together. being with the girls makes me so much more thankful for my husband. i feel like the luckiest woman alive.

and i am so blessed.


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