Tuesday, February 10, 2009


i am not.

i can't do all this myself - laundry, cooking, this job, choir, retreat music, cleaning, grocery shopping, teaching, pms...

i am not superwoman. and i feel like that's what is expected of me.

i need other people's help. i don't want to cry about this.

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cherie said...

Linnea, my heart is stirred when I read your distress-I remember so well feeling exactly the same way. There just always seemed like there was so much to do and so little time to get it all done. It is only after almost 35 years of marriage that I am finally realizing that I CAN'T be Superwoman. She doesn't exist or if she does it's only in our heads.I have to ask for help and I do. Don't be afraid to say "I'm too tired. Would you please clean up the dishes tonight?" "I was folding laundry so I hope pancakes are all right for dinner tonight." "Would you strip the bed today while I make breakfast?" It's okay to ask for help. Find a seasoned working Mom from church and pick her brain for solutions to the age-old cooking/cleaning/laundry dilemma and allow her to take you under her wing-that is how God designed this whole marriage business. We learn from those who have walked this road before us. My mother-in-law, Brad's Grandma, was the wisest woman I ever knew. She influenced my life more than any other single person. If there ever was a "Superwoman" it would have been her-she was amazing. But, that is not what attracted me to her. She had the deepest, most real, everyday faith of anyone I ever met. She wasn't perfect but she was genuine. That is what I see in you every time I am with you. That is what others see also. So, look beyond the perfection and choose to just serve God with a grateful, happy heart. He will bless your life (lives) immeasureably. I love you. Mom