Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter, and walks around town

A bit of spring, out of context. This is a post that I evidently never published! Happy reading.

it has been fun to finally decorate for spring, and especially for Easter! here are some photos:

the Lenox bowl from my mother-in-law, pretty eggs from Pier 1 (yay, sales), a watercolor I painted, and a wooden candle holder. complete with pretty purple ribbon and yellow napkins from my Mommy.
my friend Kristin Y. and i decorated these eggs. they turned out lovely, if i do say so myself. i have never dyed eggs "by myself" before. another 1st-year-of-married-life milestone.
and again.

As you can see, i love picturing. here are some pictures from my walks around our little town that thinks it's a city:

a lovely hyacinth outside the elementary school
i'm not sure what these pretty purple flowers are. do you know?
look at the little bee i (unintentionally) caught on camera!
forsythia... when i was little, my mommy taught me flower names. "forsythia" was confusing. to me, it seemed it should be "for Nanny," my grandmother, not "for Sythia." :o)

and that is the update.

well, and that i have my car back in working order, many thanks to my father-in-law. it looks like it's brand new, and it's great! my husband and i are very happy to have two cars again.

God is indeed good to us.

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