Friday, April 24, 2009

what to do

just found out today that one of the lesbian couples at work is having a "commitment" ceremony and they're throwing a shower during work hours.

i disagree with the gay/lesbian/transsexual/bisexual lifestyle, as i believe it is morally wrong. they can do what they want to, but i don't agree with or support their choices.

so. what is a Christian to do in this situation? i am supposed to (according to the voice mail) rsvp for this shower and say that i'm attending. i plan to stay here at my desk and work really hard. it is the busy season, after all, right? i want very much to be the kind, caring person that people look forward to seeing when they walk in the door, and i'm not going to compromise my beliefs by going to something like this.

not. going. to.

my only qualm is the possibility that i might offend these women. i need to be on each realtor's good side here so that i can pleasantly do the work they hand to me. there must be no reason for any one of them to think that i don't like or don't care about them. This is the quandry.

i must be busy - so incredibly busy on that day - so that i simply cannot attend. this is the easy way out.

but what is the right way out?

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