Tuesday, June 2, 2009

shock, anger, fear, acceptance, peace?

it has been a week since i was told that i am leaving the company, and i feel like i've been through these stages. i have been angry at my managers, afraid of what the future might hold, and finally, accepting of the situation. somewhere in between, there were moments of intense sadness, frustration, and failure. there are still some moments that i feel like i've failed.

at the same time, i know that this chapter in my life is ending. it has been a really rough road, and i haven't really enjoyed being in this job. my hope is that my example has been one that brings glory to Jesus, and not to me. I hope that someone has been changed by my words, actions, or attitude. I hope that my time there has not been in vain. i know God placed me there for a reason, and that i was a light in a very dark place.
and somehow, there's a peace in my heart. there's still pain, but God has given me unexplainable peace. and i don't deserve it, but i'm so grateful.

all that said, my husband and i are still unemployed.

he does have a second interview tomorrow, which is great!
I had an interview for a teaching position in a school yesterday morning - a panel of 7 interviewers, seated at a big rectangular table, firing off questions round-robin. not my favorite interview style (as if one could choose a "comfortable" way to interview). it was all done in a mere 15 minutes - i'm not sure if that was a good or bad thing. I do look forward to hearing if i will be asked to come back. it was an hour's drive from my home to this school. we'll look into moving if i get the job.

i had a nice, long talk with one of my dearest friends last night. she's going through some really difficult decision-making times, and i so wish that i could be with her. at least i can listen from afar. and maybe meet up on a saturday to do some shopping. i miss her.

my irises beside my little apartment deck are blooming! it's so fun to see that - like my little bit of labor paid off. as if i could ever make a plant grow...
here's a picture:

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