Monday, June 8, 2009

"home," but not.

home is wherever i am that my husband is with me. he is my "home," and when i'm with him, i feel most at rest, safe, completely loved, and confident. right now i'm at my parents' home, and he is miles away at our little apartment. i'm teaching at a summer music school for a week (just a week!), and i miss him so much.
it feels empty to lay down at night without him. i miss his hand holding mine at the breakfast table. i miss driving to work together. i miss the hugs, the cuddles, and the kisses. i miss him.
does that seem a little dramatic? it doesn't help that this is an emotional time for me, anyway, what with losing a job, dealing with less income, and being female.
i love my family and i'm happy to be with them. it just doesn't seem right without my husband here. he's so much a part of me!
i'm even finding it hard to be motivated to do the lesson plans i have to do before tomorrow's classes. but i will.
i'm praying for the Lord's help to let go and to trust him. why must this be a constant struggle? all i want is the peace, joy, and strength to do well at whatever he sets before me.

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