Tuesday, January 26, 2010

four part time jobs? and grad school apps.

even weeds look pretty when they're frosted with snowflakes!
a berry - bearing plant beside our deck
lacy goldenrod plants
snow-sugared pine cones
more of the berries

My parents came to visit this past weekend! It was so nice to see them - it has been a while! They only came for Friday night and Saturday, but we packed it full of fun, nonetheless. These pictures are from Saturday morning, when everything was frosted in white. It was a beautifully sunny day, and warm! Well, warm for January in central New York.

I was really thrilled to finally have work when I started nannying in December. I'm working for a family with twin boys, born on December 3rd, a 2-year-old boy, and a 4-year-old girl. It's busy, but I love it! It's nice to be taking care of the kids, and I like feeling needed.

I also just picked up some more piano students from a friend who needs some time off from teaching. This is excellent, as all the parents are pleased that I'm traveling to their homes to teach their kids, and they pay me more for that. Cool. It's okay with me.

While I was working out early this month, I got a call from the director of the local high school's musical, asking me to accompany. Wow! Okay. It's nice to play piano professionally.

I am still working at church as the Worship and Music Coordinator, and I love that job. Things are busy at the moment, though; we're having three distinctly different Sunday services in the next four weeks, and they all involve musicians and personnel that don't usually serve at our church. It has been complicated to coordinate, but I'm working on it. I keep reminding myself that I love being in music.

As if that wasn't enough to keep me busy, I'm also applying for grad school in the Fall. I have an audition on the 13th of February, as well as the 12th-13th of March. I am auditioning for Vocal Music Education and for Choral Conducting, so the preparation work will be extensive. I haven't sung in a while, and I feel a bit frustrated with how I sound right now. I hope to take lessons with a professor at the local college to brush up before my audition. So soon - yikes!

My husband started school again yesterday after a very long break. It will be good for us to both have a set routine again, after both losing our primary jobs and not having much to do! Tomorrow is his longest day - I will kiss him "goodbye" at 8:15am, and not see him until about 8:00pm. Crazy...

Tomorrow night is also our couples' bible study. This is such a nice break in our week, and it's great to focus on what really matters. I love being able to share that time with my husband, and to talk openly with other people about what we're learning from the scriptures.

I volunteered this morning at MOPS (that's Moms Of Pre Schoolers - a parenting support group) in the baby room (ages 0-1 year). I took care of the twins that I usually watch, as their mom usually comes to MOPS. They're adorable, and it was fun to share that with the other caretakers in the infant room. One of the twins, though, showered himself as I was changing his diaper...talk about dramatic. It was all better after a new outfit and extensive "washing" with baby wipes. lol. poor little guy!

My husband and I went out tonight for a quick trip to the mall and a stop at Dunkin' - I had forgotten, I guess, how greasy those doughnuts are. But they're yummy! I also picked up a couple of cute things at the mall. Valentine's Day, here we come :o) I can't wait.

Speaking of Valentine's Day, there's a card-making party coming up! All of us girls will pool our scrapbooking and card-making supplies for a girly night next Saturday. So excited! I could use a girls' night...

All this is to say that I'm very blessed. I have jobs that will pay our bills, a husband who loves me so much more than I deserve and more than I'll ever understand, and a God who provides for my every need. I have the opportunity to continue my studies, to work in the field I was trained for, and to care for children, as I've always dreamed. I do hope that, one day, God will see fit to give us our own children. But for now, I am grateful. And content.

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