Tuesday, February 9, 2010

crazy critters

yesterday morning (10am, mind you) on my way home from work (which is a different story), there was a cat-sized furry critter in the road. not a big deal, since i live in the middle of nowhere. i slowed down, as usual, and laid on the horn to get it to move. unexpectedly, the critter waddled on fours back toward my car. smart? no. as i drove closer, i realized this "kitty" had some strange markings - a black masked face and a striped fluffy tail. correction: raccoon, rabid.

the next mile of road contained seven wild turkeys (this is february!!!), who decided this was their road, not mine, and they weren't moving for any unintimidating black thing with a weird voice. commence driving at 10mph.

i finally returned home to my kitten, who had decided that it would be fun to knock over the Christmas cactus again. brilliant.

on to lovelier things - children! i babysat for Moms Of PreSchoolers (MOPS), which is a bi-weekly meeting of moms so that all the moms can chill out minus their kids for a while. I am usually assigned to help in the infant room or the 1-year-old room, both of which can be crazy. today included 10 infants, two of which are nearly-identical twins that I care for on a regular basis. there was only one other adult in the room - she had brought her 12- and 10-year-old daughters to help. they (the little girls) were not so much help. however, i did enjoy the babies, and am convinced that my hubby and i are not ready to give up our freedom as a couple without kids. they're exhausting.

the end.

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