Sunday, February 28, 2010

grrrad school is almost here

from a frosty February morning, just outside our back door...

so i'm finished with all three applications, and i'm actually already accepted at one school. one audition down, two to go...i can't believe i'm almost through this process for the third time.

yes, the third time.

the first time was right after my senior year of college - i applied and auditioned at two schools and was not accepted at either. at the same time, i had also applied for and interviewed for five teaching jobs...and finally got one in august of that year.

i tried again for grad school at the end of the next school year, while i was teaching. i was accepted, though not for the program i really wanted to be a part of. i also was offered a complete assistantship, which would have covered all my tuition. that would've been sweet. however, i married my husband that summer and we moved to the city where he had been accepted to grad school - a great, prestigious place that really suited his career needs. i cried about my loss, but have been rejoicing in his gain.

now, it's my turn again. i've really lost a lot of confidence in the past few years - i'm not sure i can do this! i'm sure i have potential, but i've begun to second-guess myself. can i do this?

i hope so.

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