Monday, November 1, 2010


Grad school has been dizzyingly busy.

This past month, I conducted in a masterclass with Dr. Rene Clausen, a well known composer and the director of the Concordia Choir. It went really well, and I was inspired. It was a much-needed bit of inspiration in a semester that has been difficult.

In the past two weeks, the College Choir has performed in three concerts; we had to travel to nearby cities for two of those concerts. This is a feat of organization, and I'm pretty sure I couldn't have done it and stayed sane, had it not been for the help of the choir president. He has been great at putting tour crews together, organizing driver lists, and making sure our equipment is set up. We had plenty of obstacles to overcome, but everyone has been so cooperative and willing to help. It seems like we have a great group of people this year!

I enjoyed a piano recital tonight - something I missed in these past three years. My undergraduate years were filled with this sort of thing, and I didn't really cherish these opportunities like I do now. High-quality, free concerts? okay by me.

Whew. Research for my research class is exhausting. I've confirmed that this is not for me. I am so done with my topic - but I still have to keep digging. It seems that as soon as I've answered my initial curious question, I just don't have the drive to go on.

Brad finally did get a job, for which we're both grateful. We have enough money in our account to make our bills this month, and we will have a little bit left over. A blessing, for sure! We're not thrilled with the hours that his job demands - 10am to 11pm, M-Th, but we are trying to stay positive about the blessing of a job.

These past few weeks, we've been operating on a one-car system - a tough thing, since Brad drives 70 minutes to a nearby city for work most days. I have had to depend on the charity of my friends to take me to and from school... a humbling experience. I'm grateful for my friends.

It seems that this first semester has been about simply keeping my head above water, doing just the bare minimum - making ends meet, finishing today's homework, doing the little household chores and neglecting the bigger ones. I was thankful for a canceled class this morning, which allowed me to do laundry, bake bread, mend a pair of pants, and wash the pile of dishes...not to mention sleeping in and cuddling with my husband, whom I rarely see. It makes me want to cry! I'm so tried emotionally and physically. I am not very old, but I feel the effects of this on my body. I'm not as young as I was in undergrad... funny, yes?

A good friend at school has agreed to pray with me once a week, and that has been great. I'm so glad to have her friendship and to be able to support her in prayer, as well has having her support of me.

There is more left to do this I'm out.

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