Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas has come!

At least, to our house! My husband and I celebrated Christmas this past Saturday evening, since he doesn't have any non-weekend evenings free, and we'll be with family for this coming weekend.

The day started off with a quick trip to his parents' house - his dad is an experienced mechanic and was able to fix a minor issue with our car. We drove home through a pretty snowscape and not too much snow on the roads - excellent.

We had planned to have Christmas on Sunday, but it was just getting too exciting. What could we do? :o)

I pulled out a frozen beef roast and let it defrost a bit on the counter while we snuggled on the couch and enjoyed our (almost destroyed - thank you, kitties) Christmas tree.

Dinner was served on our fine china, with glasses of festive red cranberry juice standing in for wine. I used my newly-created pinecone centerpiece, my Orrefors raspberry crystal tealight holders, and my brand new placemats from my in-laws. Perfectly festive. My husband and I dressed up a bit, took pictures, and enjoyed the feast.

...and it was finally time for presents!

My sweet husband surprised me with a cozy zip-up fleece jacket, a new journal (thank you, honey!), and a new CD by one of my favorite bands. He got a few little gifts, too - an ocarina (small ethnic flute), Farkel (a dice game), BuckyBalls (a set of 200+ rare earth magnets), the Bourne Trilogy on blu ray, a Christmas CD by one of his favorite artists, and a cute penguin that I crocheted. This is my second-ever completed crochet project...he's pretty adorable, isn't he?

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