Thursday, December 23, 2010

this is not an endorsement for vistaprint

My husband has his own computer building business, and he asked me the other day to design business cards for him, using the website header that I had created for him. No problem, right? A few minor adjustments, submit to Vistaprint, and voila! New business cards. Nice design. Loving wife does extra-special things for her husband.

I sent him the design at work so that he could preview it. Evidently, he didn't look at it, and I didn't catch the mistake - we had the wrong phone number listed. He and I have very similar phone numbers for our mobile phones, just different by two digits. Guess whose number was on the card? Oh, wait - mine. And I paid for 2-day shipping to the tune of $14. A total waste of $22 - we can't use the cards at all!

Today I tried to contact Vistaprint for a refund of some kind, but their automated customer service doesn't allow the caller to ever reach a real person. Amazing. I'm so frustrated right now!

I uploaded a corrected design (thank you, Photoshop), but this time, it appears bigger than the bleed area. Not okay! So I tried to contact customer service again to confirm whether it will be an acceptable size. I sent an email, and they'll answer me within 48 hours. Seriously? 48 hours? I need these ordered today. They need to come before my husband goes to a conference next week. This is not acceptable!

And I'm trying to calm down, so that, in the event that I actually reach a real live customer service person, I'll be patient, kind, clear, and firm.

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