Thursday, January 20, 2011

an encouraging bit

My plans for tonight include going over music to prepare for Women's Choir rehearsal tomorrow. I'll be preparing a Herford analysis (Schenkerian analysis "lite" for those who are musically minded) so that I can get the pieces learned, and I'll be writing a rehearsal plan for about 25 minutes of class time. Not bad.

However, I had been feeling rather unmotivated, and was thus on Facebook and answering email and making a phone call about my vacuum. (There will be another post detailing the frustration that is the vacuum.)

A member of the Men's Choir, for which I was the assistant conductor last semester, contacted me in FB chat and said he wished I was still conducting Men's Choir. I was flattered, and asked about rehearsal. Evidently, it didn't go very well, since the new assistant conductor is new to conducting a choir. I was able to help the choir member to see that maybe the new conductor just needs some constructive feedback, and some encouragement. "Hmm - that's an idea!" he said. He seemed encouraged, himself. I am happy with how I handled myself as a teacher in this moment. I resisted the urge to dwell on comparisons between us, and let the student know that this new conductor really does want to do well. If only I could always be graceful, right?

And this is when I go back to work....or start, rather. :o)

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