Tuesday, January 18, 2011

a knitting post! plus a puzzle.

I made a hat! With earflaps!

My brother seems to like it. This is good. It's made of an acrylic worsted weight yarn, with two strands held together. I don't know what brand the yarn is, since I got it for less than a dollar at a second hand store. :o) Score. I found the pattern here.
This is also my first pom-pom experience, as well. Success.

A couple years ago at Christmas, my husband and I were given a set of 10 puzzles, all of at least 500 pieces. So far we have accomplished three of those, and here is the third! Ta-da!
This is the end of the post. Farewell.

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Daniel P. Landin said...

It was a pretty awesome puzzle set :). And the hat is awesome too! My youth group kids loved it...and after it was stolen during the snow ball fight, it became a very convenient snow ball carrier for the Jr. High girls! Thanks again for the hat!