Friday, January 14, 2011

exam #2


I answered each question, though I was unsure at a few points. My instincts were right, but I lacked specific examples for some things. I really hope that the work I've done will now be sufficient so that I can pass this! I really don't want to have to pay to take a remedial class for History as well!

While I was taking that exam, I got a call from my honey :o). I love hearing from him! He's at a conference for video game music composition today through Sunday, and he's having a great time. Today he'll go to forums for indie music, copyright information, and a meeting of the online forum that he rearranges music for - OCRemix.

I also did well on my first presentation of the semester this morning! My professor said to me, in front of the class, that it was excellent work. That's a relief, especially since he's my primary instructor, and since I had only been given two days to prepare this presentation.

I am really encouraged by the sun shining today. It helps my attitude so much to have that bit of beauty to look at, especially when I feel stressed and tired.

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