Tuesday, January 11, 2011


what did I expect? A rather relaxed, comfortable hour with my husband before he left for work and before I left for school. This was the case until about 10 minutes before I was supposed to leave at 9:45 - I had my shower, breakfast, and devotions, and had just started to make his lunch. I was wearing bright spring green dress pants, a white cable knit sweater, and I had yet to do my hair at this point.

I usually make kool-aid style juice for him to take, and I have a very convenient bottle for that. I filled that bottle with the water, added the powder, screwed the top on, and began to shake it.


By everywhere, I mean my sweater, the floor, sink, counter, windowsill, screen, fragile vintage curtains, and window. I mean in the plants, all over my vases, on the clean dishes in the drying rack - everywhere. My hubby rushed to the rescue with paper towels for the counter and sink. I immediately took the sweater off and slathered it with StainStick. He took the curtains down and I repeated the stain fighting regimen. I filled a bucket with hot water, dumped in Oxyclean, and drowned the sweater and curtains in it. I covered the bucket with foil to protect my Oscar-Cat from drinking nasty detergent water while I was gone all day.

I plugged in my straightener for a quick hair fix, ran to the bedroom for a new sweater, and finished making my handsome prince's lunch. I brushed my teeth, straightened my hair, and had time to hug him and burst into tears before he left. Great - now I look frazzled before school.

Oh, wait!

What about lunch for me? I hurried to the fridge and grabbed yogurt and a clementine. That would have to do. First coat available in the closet? The neutral-ish green ski jacket with lime accent panels. Fine. Blue Sorel boots for the incoming snowstorm? Check. Run back to the bedroom for dress ballet flats - check.

Bah. Forgot to pack my laptop. I ran back to get that, and remembered that I also wanted the checkbook. Packed. Put the kitten in her kennel, and left.

...at 9:50am. Class is at 10, mind you, and the drive is 10 minutes in great weather. I must not have been going the speed limit, because I arrived at 9:59. Let me paint this picture for you:
little red car, light blue boots, bright spring green pants, olive/lime parka, hurried and tired face, frizzy air-dried hair, heavy backpack. No gloves or scarf, because I forgot.

So glad to be back home, now! The sweater did come clean, with some bleach. The curtains don't seem any worse for wear. I think I did get the window completely clean, and the counter looks okay. What a day...

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-stephanie- said...

I'm glad you were able to sit down at the end of the day and write this with a little humor. (o: I've definitely been there, done that! And as far as being late or almost late to things... I do it waaayyy too often and forget things waaaayyy to much! All because I start to think things are going great... Love you!